The only college in Central India which provides an integrated education right from the Junior College level up to the Doctoral Research level and beyond in all three faculties Arts, Commerce and Science and recognized as a Place of Higher Learning by the RTM Nagpur University.

Hislop College is celebrating 130 years old and these years have been an unmitigated quest towards excellence in academics and sports. Indeed, it is one of the oldest educational institutes of India. The college predates the Nagpur University and has naturally provided several educational leaders to the University the first vice-chancellor of the Nagpur University included - and to the Nation in general. Acclaimed scientists, prolific litterateurs, and ambitious politicians have all walked its corridors. The college imparts education across all the three faculties Arts, Science, and Commerce. Postgraduate education in all three faculties is a norm rather than an exception. Hislop College also has the distinction to be recognized as a Place for Higher Learning by the RTM Nagpur University. This has allowed it to become the only college to provide an integrated education right from the Junior College level up to Doctoral Research.

The college is situated on more than 7 acres of land. The building encloses a quadrangle that has a proscenium, lawns, ornamental plants and a basketball court. It is a meeting ground for students and teachers and provides a picturesque setting for the building. The college has a 40,000 sq. m. playground which hosts several sports competitions. The college also has a boxing rink in the ground and a state of the art gymnasium. A swimming pool is coming up.

The college is located centrally in the Civil Lines. It is easily approachable from the railway station, from the bus station and from the airport. Moreover, it is equidistant from virtually any location in the city.