Several institutions have helped us achieve the position we currently command. They have been at times our friends, at times our philosophers and, at times our guides. 


Central India institute of Medical Sciences (CIIMS) with whom we have signed an MoU for Research/Teaching/Training/Activities collaboration has helped us at times. Two of our meritorious students are currently doing their dissertations there. These two students have been given meaningful research projects on neural diagnostics and as such carry a meaning far beyond the M. Sc. dissertation status. Dr. H. F. Daginawala, Senior Research Consultant in Biochemistry at CIIMS, has been a teacher of all the regular members of the staff in this School and also teaches our students. Joint research projects to be carried out by the two institutions are at the planning stage today. 

K. G. Deshpande Memorial Hospital

This one of the more prestigious hospitals for cardiovascular problems in the city. The doctors here are interested in research into cardiovascular problems. The hospital and the School are involved jointly in research activities into developing simple and predictive diagnostic markers for cardiovascular problems.


National Environmental Engineering and Research Institute (NEERI) has helped us a lot right from the beginning in knowhow and in student training. Last year 8 of our students were trained there for periods extending beyond 2 months. Two of our students are currently doing 6-month projects there. 

Nagpur University

The School is affiliated to the Nagpur University and without the help of the University authorities the course would have been an impossibility.