Trends change. So, while library, to your parents, means a place that stocks several volumes, where you can revel in the heady smell of old and new books, to you it means electronic pages on computer screens which you can click and change. We believe in keeping up with modern trends while retaining the comfort of the traditional methods. So, the School has both

Physical Library :

The School maintains its own library and the students are free to supplement material from the main college library. The main college library also is rich, housing more than 65,000 volumes on diverse subjects including biochemistry, microbiology and other allied fields.
The School maintains a spacious reading room with computer facilities. Internet connection is available here too for ease of supplementing physical material with that available on the World Wide Web.
Each year the School Spends close to Rs. Three lakh in acquiring relevant titles needed for undergraduate/postgraduate studies in biotechnology. Many of the titles are also available in multiple copies. The school has established relations with booksellers all over India. Therefore availability of the best of the titles has never been a concern. This is the reason that the School has a fine library which includes titles not found easily elsewhere. Moreover, the internet service which is free for the students adds substantially to the library.
The school also subscribes to frontline journals in the field. These journals are Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Reviews Microbiology, Nature Reviews Cell and Molecular Biology, Nature Reviews Immunology, Annual Reviews of Biochemistry, Scientific American, Biospectrum, Current Science, Resonance, etc. Beginning this session, a few more titles will be added.

Virtual Library :

The School library has its own computers. We understand the importance of virtual library and feel that this library complements and augments the conventional physical library. As such a lot of student material is stored on the hard discs of these computers.

Additionally, the library computers also have an internet facility. Thus, you can search and download any material that you feel the need for.

The School subscribes to a few journals. Online subscription for all these journals is therefore available to us. While only one physical copy of a journal is there at the School, a large number of students can simultaneously browse the journal on different terminals.

There are a few journals which are free online even to those who are not subscribers. Having a virtual library therefore allows us to browse these journals too.

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