1. Taught Programmes

The School offers two taught programmes
    1. Bachelorís Degree in Biotechnology
    2. Masterís Degree in Biotechnology.

Both these programmes are full time and normally extend for 12 months. The Bachelorís degree course is a three year course and each year is followed by an annual exam.

The masterís degree follows a semester pattern. There are four semesters. The first three semesters consist of two theory papers and practicals. The fourth semester is free for experimental project.

2. Research Programmes

The School is now recognized by the RTM Nagpur University for Doctoral Research in Biochemistry. Additionally, the staff of the School is recognized by the University as supervisor for Ph. D. in Biotechnology. As a result, for the first time in the history of the School, we are offering research programme leading to Ph. D. in Biochemistry/ Biotechnology.

B. Sc. with Biotechnology                                     :     40 seats
M. Sc. Biotechnology                                           :     30 seats
Doctoral Research in Biotechnology / Biochemistry :     Enquire

What to Expect Once you Join A Programme
While you will find that you have utter freedom to do things in the mode that suits you best, the coursework will be intensive and you will be put through an intensive practical learning. Once you join the School, you will find that the way we do practicals is entirely different from the way most institutions do it.

ē Training
The M. Sc. Students are encouraged to undergo exhaustive training courses lasting one to two months in reputed research laboratories all over India. The School has signed MOUs for this purpose with several laboratories.
The B. Sc. students too are encouraged to undergo short training sessions at different institutes. In fact, some of our best B. Sc. students have been successful at obtaining training at the very best of the Indian Science Institutes such as the IISc., Bangalore, NCBS, Bangalore, NCCS, Pune etc.

ē Experimental Projects
We view the experimental projects conducted by M. Sc. students as independent research problems. Indeed, several of these projects have resulted in developing technologies for the industry and one such technology has actually been transferred to the industry. This is enough to show the utmost seriousness with which we make the students do the project.

B. Sc. students are not required by the University to carry out project work. However, it is our practice that they too engage themselves in project work before they pass out of the institution.


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