The College

Hislop College is located smack in the centre of the city. It is just 2 km from the station and about 2.5 km from the main bus station. From the airport, it is about 6 km. The auto fares that you can expect by the going rates would be about Rs. 20, Rs. 25, and Rs. 45 from the railway station, bus station, and airport respectively. 

Apart from the above, the college is just a stones throw away from the University building. If you walk from the college, it would take just about two minutes to the University.

This makes it easier for the students from outside Nagpur to get admission clearance wherever it is required.

The college does not run any hostel. However, it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the YWCA hostel allowing priority admission to those girl students who seek admission to the college. The hostel rooms are available at reasonable rates and the accommodation is satisfactory. The hostel is in the vicinity of the college. Apart from this, several private Hostels for girl students are available within a 2 km radius from the college. These hostels have now existed for several years and carry a good reputation. 

The college is also very near to the main Sitabuldi market. It is also just about a half kilometer away from the Mure Memorial Hospital and Lata Mangeshkar Medical College and Hospital. Thus in case of any medical emergencies, help is nearby. The college also has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mure Memorial Hospital so that priority treatment is available to its students in case of emergencies and injuries. 

The City 

Nagpur is a major railway junction and is well connected with all the four corners of India. There are several direct trains to the city from all major Indian cities - Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Since the city is located at the centre of the nation, trains from all the routes pass from the city. Thus, all cities lying on the route from Delhi to Chennai and from Kolkata to Mumbai are also directly connected to Nagpur. It is therefore extremely easy to reach Nagpur from virtually anywhere in India. 

There are several direct flights to and from Nagpur. Thus the city is approachable very well from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, besides a host of other cities by direct flights. 

The city boasts of very good roads. Power cuts are few and far in between. Telecommunications work well. There are several parks, lakes, and other places where one can while away time. Several places of scenic beauty are just a short distance away from the city. 

The weather, except during the month of May, is quite hospitable. The rainy season extends from mid-June to the end of August. The winter is not very cold. During cold waves - mostly in the months of December and January, the temperature may dip to about 8o C for a few days. The summer is long - it extends from March to the end of May and even to mid-June. However, extreme temperatures - sometimes touching 45o C - are reached only during a few days in the month of May. 

The city is peaceful and is free from disturbances that several other cities have faced from time to time. Riots are virtually unknown and peaceful demonstrations are most of the times the only way the citizens voice their dissent. The crime rate is extremely low and the citizens are helpful. While all facilities available in the metros are available in the city, it is free of the ills that plague the metros. The city is culturally alive. There are several pockets in which good scientific research is going on.

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